Good Old Games (GoG) just had another customer

Good Old Games (or GoG as they call themselves) sells old or semi-old games over the internet, DRM-free for between 4.99 and 10.99 dollars. They come with downloadable artwork and manuals, patched to the latest version available for Windows XP and Vista. I have been following their (at first private) beta since 99 days (so my account says) and just bought my first game – Darkstar One, a spacesim.

You can download them as much as you want, install them where you want. They are yours to keep.

And for the pirates out there – why should you pirate stuff if you can pick it up legally for 10 bucks and at the same time support them so they can release more old games ?

For any old gamer, picking up games like Fallout 1 and 2, Abe’s Oddworld Oddessy, it’s mana from heaven !

Open helix structures in space contain liquids better than closed containers.

Instead of using coffee cups in space, dear spaceman, try drinking your coffee from corkscrew (helix) cups.

I have a hard time to see how somebody on Earth managed to find this solution to a problem in space, but it is very cool ! Potentially, it could also have big implications in nano workings, where things become so small that gravity is negligible and you need to devise alternate ways of containing fluids.