About Me

In case you are wondering who I am :

My name is Alex Boschmans, and I’m an (ex)IT guy mostly doing project management for a large bank in Belgium, happily living with my family consisting of Dolores, our sons Tom and Sam, and our cat. I was born in Australia and have some family and friends there, although I haven’t seen them in ages. I still want to go back and visit, but that’ll have to wait until our children are older.

My hobbies are:

  • reading science-fiction, fantasy (lots) and the occasional scientific or psychological book (group dynamics are interesting!)
  • writing quick one-off scripts and larger programs in python (using webframeworks such as django, cherrypy, etc)
  • mucking about with the web (this very site, for example) and web design
  • anything geeky like computers and linux and mysql and apache and mac and games and new tech developments
  • developing small websites commercially via DataConnect.be
  • selling silver gemstone jewels online via DesignJewels.eu

I go swimming regularly and have a hate-love-hate relationship with ski-ing :
I hate it, curse it and fear it before, during and after , but I love it for those few blissful moments when body and mind get together and the skiing goes ‘zen’ . Hard to explain really, but that’s how it is for me.

According to this questionnaire that I answered, my jung typology temperament is INFJ : Introverted (11%), iNtuitive (38%), Feeling (25%), Judging (11%). That questionnaire was taken in 2005.

However, I recently (2009) participated in a self-scoring test at work where I scored ENTJ, which is just about the opposite of the spectrum (Extraverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Judging) – and when I asked Dolores which of those two profiles fits me more, she immediately said ENTJ.

So it seems I’m of a dual nature: personally I feel like an INFJ but externally (or at least at work) I act and perform like an ENTJ. I think that people evolve and adapt (to their workplace, for example) but I still feel the need to have ‘time off’ for myself to recharge. At the same time working with like-minded people motivates me and gives me energy.

You can read about what this means on the relevant page. I also keep a page about people I remember.


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