Sam knows what to say

I’ve been writing down the new words that Sam is learning and saying all the time.

Sam has learned to speak the following words :

Nov 6, 2006 : Opla (Hopla), Pipira (Piet Piraat),Umba (Bumba) : all children shows, several of which we have on dvd. His favorite seems to be Opla !

Nov 20, 2006 : Oenen (Schoenen), Jajaja, tutut

Nov 28, 2006 : Klaaaa (Sint-Niklaas), Pakke (Pick him up)

Dec 2, 2006 : auuuto (auto = car)

Just reading over this list he seems to learn a few new words every week or so. Amazing the progress that children can make at an age like that. He understands quite a bit more than he can say.

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