Just finished my first flex application !

I just made a demo form entry in Flex to show to some mates of mine.

They are receiving emails and take their work orders from them, but I find this rather insecure, so the demo form is to show them what is possible with a form to be filled in on a website, in order to avoid all the hassles that happen with mail (arriving late or never, not all information filled in, etcetera).

The original demo page has been ready for about a week, but I had gotten stuck on some combo box controls where I couldn’t retrieve the data from when entered – I finally sussed it out by going to the online help instead of reading the flex3 book, and sure enough, an example was given how to retrieve the data. I have to admit that the flexbuilder documentation is topnotch.

I’m quite happy with that proof of concept page. Enough to finally go to bed now and get some sleep…

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